About Us

HTBD Construction, LLC formerly know as Home Theater by Design, located in Ashland, MA, just a short distance outside Boston, MA,  has been around for over 15 years converting extra space in your homes into an enjoyable home theater experience. We are dedicated to one main goal. That goal is the fact that when we are done building your theater room it will be something that you will enjoy using for many years to come.

We focus on the details of what the client wants.

We offer a variety of options and accessories. From a full home theater with seating, custom woodwork, acoustic panels, fiber optic ceilings, which can incorporate shooting stars and constellations, leather wrapped doors and even ticket booth doors. This is by far one room in your house that you can allow your imagination to take over. Our acoustic panels are typically wrapped in acoustic fabrics and we offer many colors and patterns from various manufacturers. Do you work in an office space with multiple people? Do you have trouble having a normal conversation on the phone because the noise in the office is to much? Some acoustic panels placed around the office space can help control the noise and make it much easier to think.

We offer you a full design package which includes a full set of AutoCad drawings and 3D color renderings.

We can offer you a one stop shopping experience to supply all electronics needed to complete your experience or we can work hand in hand with any audio/video dealer as well.

HTBD Construction is a Clipso certified installer for those interested in stretch fabric systems.

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